Ready for the fun to begin? Get your hands all over my never-ending hourglass?  I am delighted that you are thinking about spending time out of your hectic schedule with me, truly. I can only imagine how long over due you are for some much needed attention and pampering of your own. I love to start my dates with a nice sensual massage. So don't forget to factor that in when planning our date.
If you have any questions or needs to make our time together magical, do not hesitate to let me know. I cannot wait to hear from you! You can either use the comment box below, text, or send an email. But please do not ever question whether I would ever want to see you. If you are a gentleman who knows how to respect a woman  than I will take care of you no matter your Race, Region, Ability, Political Party or any other label.  No judgment here; ever.

To make this go as smoothly and quickly as possible, as well demonstrate your seriousness please us e the screening tab. If you are using mobile click on the menu for the drop down. Or send me an email with ALL need to know information. For dates in the next 24 hours please follow up with a text; I will reply after reviewing your information.

If you do not have two references from the last year or a verification membership; an active LinkedIn, Facebook, something to that degree must be added. I am newbie friendly so if you have any questions, in general, please do not hesitate to send me an email. If you are providing a reference you must allow time for a response.

Sending falsified info will result in me simply adding you to my "Do not see" list.

I do accept phone calls but please send an email or text first. I will gladly talk to you on the phone after we have established that we are on the same page. Thank you for your understanding.

Rest assure that your privacy is an utmost priority just as mine and I take every precaution to ensure so by personally handling all screening and scheduling. All personal information will be discarded once you are verified.  My servers are stored abroad and emails are encrypted.

I do not accept calls and text from app/internet/VoIP phone numbers. Please send an email with your references who can verify your VoIP. Thank you.


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